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Income for Occasional RV Use of Your Lot:

You can help provide the RV traveling community with a solution to the growing national problem of campsite shortages. Does your lot have the room and access for an RV? If so you are welcome to occasionally rent it to an RV traveler. Renting to 1 RV at a time is not considered as being "commercial activity" and thus is in compliance with the covenants in all of our subdivisions. Our lots are generally 5-15 acres. You can make some income from a small portion of your lot while continuing to use or live on it, and help people looking for a nice place to park and live in their RV for a while. With 8 million RVs in the USA and over 1 million full-time RV travelers, the demand for camping is causing a shortage of options. The RVs are self-contained and do not require any connections; just a nice place to park for anywhere from 2 nights to 2 weeks or longer. The average RV site charges $35 per night. Your site will be a bargain at $15-$20 per night. Interested?

Route 66 is a very common RV Travelers Route. The Blue Ridge Parkway out of Tennessee is also very popular. 85% of our sold lots are in the states along these routes.