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Credit Corner - Credit for Building, Owning and Emergencies

Credit for Building

Financing is offered by many cabin dealers on both prefabricated cabins that can be delivered to your lot, and unassembled kits that you can build on your lot. Many of these cabin dealers also do rent-to-own on portable cabins. Check out Cabin Dealers in the area you are building. Some of our Missouri customers have used Classic Buildings to have financed cabins delivered.

Building on your lot is straightforward, and we have provided a section in the Learning Center to assist you, BUILDING.

Credit for Owning

Customers can refinance after building on their lot. Once a permanent structure is erected on the property, the customer has the option to extend the terms of the contract up to 3 more years, reducing the monthly payment by 7%. Let us know if you want this option at any time. Contact Us.

Credit for Emergencies

For customers with accounts older than 6 months, less than 7 days past due, temporary financial assistance is available.

A past due balance can be borrowed, up to $400, and paid back over 2 months with 8 equal weekly payments including a one-time borrowing fee equal 10% of the amount borrowed.

Example: If you are past due $80, we will amortize this into 8 weekly payments of $11 each so you pay back $88, the amount borrowed and the fee. You would pay your due regular monthly amount as scheduled during this time.

Let us know if you want to apply for this option at any time, by using the Credit for Emergencies form, CREDIT FOR EMERGENCIES. The 1st installment would be due on the day of the request approval, then weekly following for 7 weeks. Once the credit line is paid back, it can be used again when needed.