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How to Report Your Online Land Sales Payments to Credit Bureaus

Rent-reporting services can get your payments reflected on your credit report.

A lot of people who don’t have much of a credit history do have a history of paying Online Land Sales on time. If that information showed up on their credit reports, it might help their credit scores.

You can’t report these payments yourself. But rent-reporting services can get your credit reports to reflect your payments fairly easily, at a cost that ranges from free to more than $100 a year. Online Land Sales will respond to these companies and report your payment history for the period you request with them.

Rent Reporters: There is a one-time enrollment fee of $94.95, which includes up to two years of reported rental payments, then the service is $9.95 per month. It reports to TransUnion and Equifax.

Rental Kharma: Initial setup is $25, and the service is $6.95 per month. During enrollment, you can report payments made in the previous 24 months for a fee of $60. It reports to TransUnion.

LevelCredit: Previously known as RentTrack, LevelCredit charges a $6.95 monthly fee to have your rent and utility payments reported to Equifax and TransUnion. A look-back of up to 24 months is available on your current lease for a fee.

Rock the Score: There is an enrollment fee of $25, and ongoing service costs $8.95 per month. There is a $99 fee for reporting up to two years of rental history. It reports to TransUnion and Equifax.

CreditMyRent: This service charges a monthly fee of $6.95 and a one-time setup fee between $25 and $145, depending on what tier of service you choose. It reports to TransUnion.

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Notes: 1. We do not run credit checks on our buyers. 2. We do not report payment history on our buyers unless directed as above.