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Kansas, Chautauqua County, 6.11 Acres Cowboy Meadows, Electricity and County Water. TERMS $220/Month West Virginia, Roane County, 3.95 Acre Heritage Hollow, Electricity. TERMS $320/Month Texas, Hudspeth County, 20 Acre Sunset Ranches, Lot 18 Unit 645. TERMS $200/Month
Kentucky, Rock Castle County, 13.03 Acres Chestnut Oak Ridge, Lot 14. TERMS $365/Month Kentucky, Wayne County, 4.06 Acre Bluegrass Ridge, Lot 4. TERMS $360/Month Oklahoma, Latimer  County,  7.13 Acre Stone Creek Phase I, Lot 189, Creek. TERMS $535/Month
Kentucky, Wayne County, 9.30 Acres Bluegrass Ridge, Lot 12. TERMS $600/Month Kentucky, Wayne County, 5.01 Acres Bluegrass Ridge, Lot 10. TERMS $350/Month Texas, Knox County, 21.74 Acre Red Rock Ranch, Lot 13. TERMS $570/Month

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