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Sunset Ranches, Hudspeth County, Texas.

Sunset Ranches is located in Hudspeth County, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and plateaus of west Texas. Sunset Ranches is located less than 100 miles from El Paso, which receives the average of 3,700 hours of sunlight each year making it the sunniest city in our state and top 10 in the world giving this location the ideal spot for solar energy. This property is the perfect location for those who want to own a beautiful piece of West Texas which has a mixture of terrain from flatlands to mountainous, giving you the best option that fits your wants and needs. Sunset Ranches is the ideal location for anyone who seeks true off-grid living with its plentiful options of tracts that are deeper within the property or tracts closer to the county road for your convenience. Relax and enjoy the astonishing views of the night sky with no inconvenience of nearby city light pollution or noise since you are out in the true country with complete silence.



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General Description: Wide-open spaces with views that go on for miles are the hallmarks of this beautiful Texas land. This property is under an hour from El Paso and only a half-hour from Van Horn Texas. Temperatures range from the mid-’20s in the winter to the mid-nineties in the summer. However, the area experiences very low humidity making the summer heat more bearable.

El Paso offers big opportunities for shopping, dining, and recreation. Nearby Van Horn offers most of what you need regularly, so a trip to El Paso is not frequently a must. The land is mostly flat with stunning mountain views.

Best Uses for Lots:
This land is best suited for livestock ranches as it is primarily desert and scrub brush in nature. The area gets only light rainfall throughout the year, so you will probably need to haul water in or dig a well.

Best Fit in Customer: This land is perfect for anyone that wants to build their life as a rancher. The land is well suited for cattle, horses, and other livestock operations.

Summary: Have you always wanted your very own ranch but did not think you could afford it? Sunset Ranches is the answer to your dreams. Enjoy the wide-open vistas from atop a horse as you overlook the cattle!

Sunset Ranches, TX

Sunset Ranches,TX