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DOWN PAYMENT: Pay here on our SSL secured website. Just "add to cart" at the top of the listing for the lot you want, and go through the checkout. This reserves your lot while the contract is being prepared. MORE: Down Payment. How do down payments work at Online Land Sales? CONTRACT: Electronic and hard-copy contracts will be delivered for signing. Once one is signed, you can start using your land.

USE or BUILD or HOLD: Many of our customers build a cabin or home on their lot. Some customers just use their lot for camping and hunting. Others simply buy and hold the land as an investment.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS / PROPERTY TAXES: A personalized online loan management area will be created, and you can use it to monitor all aspects of your loan, make payments or schedule future and recurring payments. Property taxes will be paid by us, then charged to your account once a year, with you reimbursing us for the taxes in addition to your next payment. MORE: Principal and Interest. How do the monthly payments work at Online Land Sales?

PAYOFF: Your loan will fully amortize (be paid off at the end). All of our loans above $10,000 are for 15.5 years. The terms vary on the smaller loans. For all loans, if you pay your principal balance early, you will receive a 10% discount on the balance. After the payoff, you will pay your property taxes directly to the county, when billed.

Note: We do not run credit checks on our buyers.

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