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What to do if I can not find my lot or I encounter a gate?

Most of the lots at Online Land Sales are super easy to find. There are great maps on the listings, and the lots themselves oftentimes have a sign or visible surveyor stakes on the corners. If you still can not find your lot or are prevented from accessing it due to a gate, relax. Online Land Sales will help you. And, Online Land Sales has a 2-month return period when you can return your lot and receive a full principal refund. If you can not find your lot, do any of the following three steps that you wish.

1.Contact Online Land Sales, LLC, either your salesperson or any of the administrative staff. Text/Call: (866) 878-8334. Contact Us.

2.Utilize the subdivision and area maps and lot data on the listing at onlinelandsales.com; many of the maps are interactive.

3 Use the survey. You will find the survey as a link in your original listing for your lot at onlinelandsales.com.