How do I return an item?

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with Online Land Sales LLC properties, or your money back (on financing agreements this refund is of the principal, and not the interest and fees)*. Simply fill out this RETURN FORM to get started.

SAVE YOUR DEAL. If you love the land in general, but are having a hard time paying for it or just don't like your particular lot, maybe we can help.

1. Emergency Refinance. Pay half of the past due amount, and we will refinance your loan, making you current.

2. Emergency Loan. Borrow up to $600.

3. Trade In. Trade In Any Lot for Any Lot of Equal or Greater Value.

Industry Best 121 Day Refund Period

*Refund request must be received within 1 month of a cash purchase, or 121 days of a financed purchase, and account must be current, and physical development of the lot must not have started.