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Gifts For You
The Online Land Sales team is delighted to share gifts that will help you achieve your purpose with your rural land!

Optimist's Creed

Online Loan Management

We offer a safe and convenient way for you to service your loan account.
> View online statements
> View payment history
> View contracts
> View property taxes
> View property information

Early First Payment Discount

As a thank you for making your first land payment early, we will match your payment, and deduct the entire amount from your balance. Additionally, we will give you a store credit of $121 that you can use like cash. See our other CUSTOMER REWARDS.
Birthday Discount

We want to know your Birthday, for a yearly special offer as a terms customer at Online Land Sales.

Private Social Network for Each Subdivision

Off The Grid I
Get safety updates, local events, subdivision covenants, pictures, fishing spots, news, and much more, in your subdivision's own social network.

Training in Off the Grid Living

Off the Grid 5 Minute Motivational/Technical Training

Training in Seller Financed Land

Check out this VideoSeller Financed Land Learning Center


We respect the people in our communities by donating 1% of our working hours to charities, including our own HomeBase. See our other STANDARDS.