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How can this be such a good deal?

1. Here at Online Land Sales we have access to a steady flow of land, usually directly from developers that have recently subdivided. We buy these lots at a discount, and we can sell them at the right price, with seller financing. We are not a brokerage, rather we are a land dealer and financier, and you will be doing business directly with us, commission free, when you make a purchase.

2. When we finance our customer, we keep an interest in the land until the loan is paid, much like when you buy a car with payments and the bank has title to the car until you pay. So our security is in the land, and unlike a car, you can not drive it away or have it stolen.

3. No insurance is necessary on the land, and then only as your option after you build.

4. We have automation that allows us to handle thousands of customers with ease. This means you will get a personal treatment all of the time. And, we provide this service efficiently with your own personalized online loan management area and phone access to our administrative staff 7 days a week, at no cost to you.

5. We rely on volume and repeat customers. Many of our customers buy multiple lots in the same or different subdivisions.

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