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Financing at Online Land Sales, LLC

How does it work?

1. All customers are guaranteed financing. There is no credit check. The contract is between Online Land Sales, LLC, and the customer. All terms customers have a personal online loan management area with all details of the loan, ability to make payments and schedule recurring payments, available to them free of charge.

2. The interest rate is 9%. The note (term) is 15.5 years for all loans of $10,000 or greater. The down payment is usually $121.

3. All loans payoff completely at the end of the contract, or upon early payment of the principal. There is no balloon payment. There is a 10% early payment discount for early payment of the principal balance.

4. The monthly payments are due on the 1st or the 15th of the month. The first due date will be less than 30 days from the sale date, then payments monthly on that date. Customers can change the due date one time by paying a $75 fee.

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