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General Description: Hidden Hills is located in Southern Tennessee among the rolling hills this part of the country is famous for. You will be hard-pressed to find more beautiful off-grid land in this part of the country. The climate of this area is very mild with average lows in the lower 30’s and highs in the upper 80’s. A rainfall average of 55 inches a year is more than enough to sustain all your water needs from drinking water to gardens and livestock.

Hidden Hills is nearby several small and large communities to offer anything you might possibly need in terms of supplies or fun. There are several places within 30 miles of this property for great outdoor recreation. The nearby Sequatchie River provides great fishing and perfect opportunities for kayakers and canoers.

The small town of Dunlap is just a few miles drive from Hidden Hills and offers essential amenities like shopping, dining, and even a museum. The larger city of Chattanooga is also a very short drive away and offers anything you could want but cannot find in Dunlap.

Best Uses for Lots: These properties are perfect for the off-grid homestead with rich fertile soil and plenty of great locations for livestock and gardens. There is also plentiful deer and other wild game to make this a perfect hunting property as well.

Best Fit in Customer: This property is perfect for anyone that wants to settle down on their own little piece of heaven and start their own homestead. Whether you want to live off the grid or on, Hidden Hills has something for you. Power is available nearby and can be run onto your tract.

Summary: Southern Tennessee is well known for majestic views, great hunting, and crystal clear rivers and streams. Hidden Hills exemplifies this reputation, making it the perfect place to raise a family in a healthy, safe and beautiful environment!

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Hidden Hills, TN