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Relaxation on Rural Land

Did you know that individuals who live in cities are 21 percent more likely to experience anxiety disorders and have a 39 percent increased risk of mood disorders? Never fear! Relaxation is waiting for you on your very own rural land.

While not everyone can pack up and relocate at the drop of the hat, there’s a good case for finding moments of peace away from the stress of everyday life. If you’re looking for a worthwhile investment to make in 2021, consider purchasing rural land that you can retreat to when the world becomes too much. Here’s why hunting land and recreational land can be so relaxing.

You spend the majority of your time in nature

Human beings thrive in nature. Nature helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. When you get out on hunting land or recreational land, you’re able to refocus, breathe clean, relax, and absorb all the health benefits.

This Mental Floss article details 11 Scientific Reasons Why Being in Nature is Relaxing.

Among the top factors include…

  • Vitamin D helps your body function more efficiently

  • Natural light normalizing your sleep schedule

  • Nature providing you an opportunity to unwind and unplug

  • Fresh air improving your blood pressure

You exercise outdoors instead of indoors

Did you know that exercise outdoors is not equivalent to exercise indoors? A lot of people refer to this as “exercising green.” Of course, exercise is beneficial no matter where it takes place, but outdoor exercise makes people feel happier, less fatigue, and more relaxed. This means that, even if you’re going to the gym daily in the city, you can’t hope to get that same lasting energy boost that you would on recreational land.

Next time you have time off, don’t hesitate to get out of the city! Go hunting, hunting, kayaking, you name it. Rural land has so many natural benefits and using it to move your body and improve your health is just the beginning.

You eliminate your noise pollution

Let’s face it, your life in the city is rarely quiet. When you think of “pollution,” you likely think of poor air quality. You think of smog that hangs over the city from transportation or industry. Yet, there’s another type of pollution that poses a threat to public health: noise pollution.

Urban noise – from city traffic, aircraft, and people – is considered a public health issue. Because of it, many who live in cities suffer from stress-related illness, hearing loss, disturbed sleep patterns, and more. When you visit less populated areas, you’re able to detoxify your hearing, destress, and settle into your surroundings. You’re not constantly buzzing with the noise of others around you. Recreational land is yours (and yours alone) to enjoy.

Final thoughts

Relaxation on rural recreational and hunting land has so many benefits. Consider investing in a place of your own or a spot to share with friends and family. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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