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Land Values in Homesteading States

Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. If you’re interested in homesteading, you’ll love the idea of living off-the-grid and using the land to meet your daily needs. Often, people will plant large vegetable gardens and keep animals to produce homestead meat. To help supplement their income, families will also sell their extra produce at local farmer’s markets.

If you’re interested in this lifestyle, you’ll want to buy land in one of the six states best for off-the-grid homesteading in the US. Here’s how much an acre of land is worth in each and why this land is so valuable.

1. Kentucky

Value per acre: $7,209
Median home value: $214,300

Kentucky is considered a great place to homestead because of its climate, soil, and availability of livestock auctions and groups. You’ll also find that land in Kentucky is moderately priced, which means you won’t break the bank for this very necessary resource. Plus, once you’ve had a successful growing season, you’ll be able to tap into local groups that promote locally-produced products throughout the state.

2. Missouri

Value per acre: $7,233
Median home value: $156,700

Missouri is considered a homesteading-friendly state because of its relaxed government regulations. For example, not all states make it legal to collect rainwater. Missouri, however, permits this, and they get an average of 40 inches per year. It’s also a great place to live for people who love to enjoy all four seasons.

3. Oklahoma

Value per acre: $7,364
Median home value: $137,400

Homesteading has long been a part of Oklahoma’s history. If you’ve ever wondered why they call it the “Sooner State,” then it all goes back to the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. This land had been seized by the government from regional Native Americans after the civil war, and they sold inexpensive land parcels to wannabe westward homesteads. However, some people rushed into Oklahoma earlier than the designated time to claim the “Unassigned Land.” They were designated “Sooners.” Join the crowd and become a Sooner by homesteading in Oklahoma!

4. Tennessee

Value per acre: $14,411
Median home value: $167,500

Tennessee is at the top of the list for homesteading states. It allows you to harvest food for about nine months out of the year, and when your goal is to be self-sufficient, you want to maximize how much you can grow!

The state also has much to offer in terms of its regulations and property costs. They allow you to collect rainwater and give landowners a lot of freedom in terms of how they use their land.

5. Texas

Value per acre: $7,542
Median home value: $167,500

Texas is an ideal spot to homestead because of the availability of affordable and arable land for gardening and raising animals. Take Central Texas for example. Austin, San Antonio, and Houston are all less than three hours away from each other. Yet, land is abundant and affordable between them, and it is also good for gardening and grazing livestock.

In other states, it is difficult to get land close to metropolitan areas because it is too expensive. However, when you live in Central Texas, you’re able to live within a few hours of a city (making it easier to sell your excess produce) while still being entirely self-sufficient on your own land.

6. Wyoming

Value per acre: $1,558
Median home value: $214,300

Homesteading originally started as a way to bring settlers out West. If you choose to homestead in Wyoming, you’ll feel like you’re one of those original settlers in many ways. This state still has a small population and wide-open lands that are perfect for ranching and farming.

The one factor to be wary of is the winters. Wyoming is known for having harsh winters, and that will ultimately cut into your growing time. So, if you’re loving the idea of Wyoming, you may want to consider building a greenhouse, so you don’t have to worry about your food supply.

Final Thoughts

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*Land Values from 2015 (24/7 Wall St.).