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Val is an Operations Specialist at Online Land Sales, LLC.

Best Land Listing Site Award

Best Overall Land Listing Site Award
Landwatch.com is clearly the premier land listing site as of 2020, and is a dominant part of the Land.com network of sites; Landsofamerica.com, Landandfarm.com, and Landwatch. The combined network is the largest land listing entity in existence in the United States.

Landwatch deserves the award for the top listing site because of the vast amount of listings, its excellent search and directory functions, and the overall quality and relevance of the listings and other content. Bravo!

Landflip.com is clearly the only real competition, at this time, to Landwatch and its network. The site is gorgeous and has an ever-growing number of listings. The site is part of a network of sites appealing to various niche audiences, while the listings are basically the same.

Up and Coming Land Listing Site Award

Landhub.com is the up and coming listing site for 2021. The site offers a broad range of properties in all states, and has a very easy to use website. The site has been developing new land shopping resource areas to compliment its recent enhancements to its search and by county lot detail, putting it on trajectory to move up in 2021.

Landhub deserves the award for the top up and coming listing site of 2021 because of their easy to use website, broad listings, and by county search capabilities. Bravo!