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California, Modoc County, 0.92 Acre, California Pines Resort. $75/Month 29% OFF: Tennessee, Carroll County, 9.72 Acre Bluebird Ranch. TERMS $206/Month Oklahoma, Latimer  County, 11.46 Acre Stone Creek Phase I, Lot 114, Creek. TERMS $325/Month
Kansas, Chautauqua County, 7.5 Acres Cowboy Meadows. TERMS $230/Month Oklahoma, Latimer  County,  5.63 Acre Stone Creek Phase II, Lot 229. TERMS $145/Month Kentucky, Leslie County,  10.06 Acres Autumn Ridge, Lot 17. TERMS $285/Month
$0 DOWN,29% OFF: Oklahoma, Pushmataha County, 5.73 Acre Lake View Private Reserve. TERMS $291/Month 29% OFF: Missouri, Shannon County, 10.94 Acre Thunder Mountain Ranch, Lot 41. TERMS $198/Month Missouri, Douglas County, 9.43  Acres Timber Crossing, Lot 21. TERMS $230/Month