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Oklahoma, Pittsburg County, 6.85 Acre Canadian Plains, Lot 28. TERMS $300/Month Oklahoma, Latimer  County,  7.26 Acre Stone Creek Phase II, Lot 270. TERMS $300/Month 10% OFF: Kentucky, Leslie County,  15.51 Acres Autumn Ridge, Lot 24. TERMS $305/Month
Missouri, Texas County, 5 Acre Whispering Oaks Ranch. TERMS $190/Month Missouri, Shannon County, 8.85 Acre Borgmann’s Hollow Phase II, Lot 32. TERMS $245/Month Kentucky, Rock Castle County, 8.35 Acres Chestnut Oak Ridge, Lot 17. TERMS $175/Month
Missouri, Douglas County, 14.83  Acres Timber Crossing, Lot 31. TERMS $360/Month Oklahoma, Latimer  County, 3.63 Acre Stone Creek Phase I, Lot 142, Creek. TERMS $175/Month Missouri, Shannon County, 5.36 Acre Borgmann’s Hollow Phase I, Lot 6. TERMS $170/Month