Daisy Meadows Covenants

To maintain the property's values and keep the area looking great there are a few simple covenants that
run with this land. This IS NOT a heavily restricted parcel like you would normally find in this part of the
state. These simple covenants help keep your property value high and benefit everyone! You can hunt,
camp, and mobile homes are allowed.
These covenants are to run with the land and shall be binding on the Purchaser and all persons claiming
under him.
A. This property shall be used for residential and recreational purposes only. No swine shall be
raised, bred, or kept in a commercial capacity. A parcel may be used for ranching, including
the use of keeping a reasonable number of horses and cattle thereon, provided the parcel
has been fenced. Under no circumstances shall a stockyard or any other commercial activity
(other than ranching) involving animals be permitted. Any animals kept on this property shall
be maintained in such a manner that they do not present a nuisance to owners of neighboring
parcels. Kennels with greater than three dogs are not permitted.
WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU: This means that your neighbor can't get mad at you and
locate a dozen hog houses on the boundary with your parcel. This al prevents your neighbor
from building an apartment house or operating a go-kart track next door to your peaceful
B. No structure of temporary character (Ex. tent or lean-to type structure) shall be used as a
residence. Such structures may be used for recreational purposes, but shall not be allowed to
remain on any parcel for more than two (2) months during a calendar year. Mobile homes,
recreational vehicles & travel trailers are allowed.
WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU: This property is great for camping and we encourage this
type of activity. What this covenant prevents is a neighbor setting up a permanent tent city.
Nobody wants that as a neighbor.
C. No derelict vehicles may be kept on any parcel unless kept in an enclosed garage. Derelict
vehicles are defined as those which either do not run, or are not licensed.
WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU: Prevents your neighbor from having 10 broken down cars
next to your property .This means that your neighbor can't use his parcel as a place to strip
cars or to run a junk yard
D. Waste materials must be kept in closed containers at all times. Parcels must be kept free of
refuse, debris, and rubbish. No parcel may be used for temporary or permanent storage of
rubbish or trash (collectively, garbage). Burying or dumping of garbage, junk, trash, oil,
petroleum or other liquid or solid waste or littering of any kind on any parcel is strictly
WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU: This means your neighbor can't dump trash from his
landscaping business there just because they charge to do that at the land-fill.
E. The beauty of the Property is in the mixture of trees and open space. Trees having a
minimum trunk diameter of six inches and measuring two feet above ground level may only
be cut if the following conditions are met: a) are dead or dying or; b) removal is required to
clear land for building sites, access roads, fire prevention, enable installation of utilities, view corridors, or recreational open space. In any event not more than twenty percent (20%) of
any one parcel may be cut or cleared. Commercial wood harvesting is prohibited. Excavation
and selling of surface or subsurface rock is prohibited.
WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU: This prevents your neighbor from opening some type of
strip mine next to your property.
F. Hunting of all kinds for all game or other animals, whether on foot or by vehicle, is prohibited
on or from the roads within development.
WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU: This is great hunting property and we encourage hunting.
This keeps other land owners from hunting on your land.
G. No commercial vehicles or heavy equipment are permitted to use the road. If it becomes
necessary to permit such usage, and if any road damage is incurred because of said usage,
the owners of said vehicles and/or equipment will be required to repair road back to original
condition. If owners of said vehicles and/or equipment are not the property owners, then the
property owner will ultimately be financially responsible for any damage done and no other
owners will be required to contribute financially. Delivery trucks are permitted to use the
WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU: This keeps the roads in the development nice for all to use.
H. No parcel or lot may be subdivided without the express written consent of the developer.
There shall be only one single-family dwelling per 5 acres of land.
WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU: This means that your neighbor can't turn his parcel into a
pet cemetery or small town, nor can he sell it off in tiny squares to 400 people.
I. No structure (other than fencing and mail boxes) of any kind shall be built or permitted within
fifty (50’) feet of any property line.
J. Any natural streams or springs on this property may not be dammed or re-routed and no
foreign substances may be introduced into the waters thereof.
K. No deviation of any kind shall be permitted from these covenants unless permission is
granted in writing by the Seller.