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I have never received anything but excellent service from onlinelandsales.com. As with any land purchase you have to go in with your eyes open and do your due diligence so you know what you're buying and the possible challenges that your choice of property might entail, but I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase! The Price is Right, the customer service absolutely amazing, and the personalized touches of the online community, the ownership cards, and all the other little things that good people at onlinelandsales do for their clients make it far more than a bare land purchase. When you buy from online land sales you buy a new family home in a wonderful community, even though most of us will not have physical neighbors in our lifetime. Thank you Eileen and the rest of the amazing staff at onlinelandsales. I'm loving the videos too!

California, Lassen County, 20.10 Acres Moon Valley Ranch

Moon Valley RANCH Lots