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Personal Safety While Living Off The Grid

When you get off-the-grid, the common notion is that you’re moving into seclusion; away from the city, maybe in the outskirts of a town, or camping in the woods. You need to strengthen your security against potential crimes that can occur in isolation. In this episode of the motivational and technical training for off-the-grid living, Brian from Online Land Sales shares time-tested secrets that you can apply to any off-the-grid living format.

Personal safety is a sensitive issue for off-the-grid-ers. Living away from the crowd requires you to become extra cautious about your lifestyle and keep your abode up to the security standards at all times. You never know when a criminal can take advantage of your minimal or unguarded lifestyle, break into your cabin, or raid you on the road. In this podcast, you would get to know the tricks about crime-prevention off-the-grid, and how you can amp up your safety measures.

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