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Alexa Skill: Online Land Sales
Let's help you make the most of Amazon's assistant, Alexa.

Say "Alexa, enable Online Land Sales".
After the first time enabling say "Alexa, ask Online Land Sales what's new".

Online Land Sales now has an app on Alexa. You can hear the latest property information, contact us and obtain general information about Online Land Sales, all from Alexa.

You don't need one of Amazon's speakers or even a third-party Alexa speaker to take the assistant for a spin. All you need is a desktop web browser or a smartphone.

From the web, you can navigate to Echosim.io and log in to your Amazon account. To interact with Alexa, click and hold on the microphone button and speak a command or ask a question. Alexa will respond just as she would from official hardware. Almost all Alexa features can be accessed through Echosim.io, as well. You can enable skills, control smart home devices and so on.

From a smartphone, just download the Alexa app from your phone's app store.

Enjoy the Alexa and the Online Land Sales skill.