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Online Real Estate Transactions have been our passion since we started the world's first land only online land auction website back in 2004. Today, we are selling land online daily, adding meaning to lives, and providing a premier land buying experience; land, financing, online loan management, customer service, a learning center and a private social network for each subdivision we sell in for owners to network and grow their communities. Welcome to Online Land Sales, today, in October of 2020. Part of America’s housing solution. Helping people achieve their purpose with their land.

Online real estate transactions at Online Land Sales allow buyers the benefit of no face to face contact with realtors, mortgage brokers, or other real estate professionals customarily associated with buying real estate.

The contract is signed online and is an enforceable contract. Hardcopy contracts follow, in the mail, with tracking showing at the site. No notary is required on the buyer’s side, so buyers need not make any face to face contact.

The land is rural and over 5 acres, so buyers will not have forced interaction with anybody.

Buyers can start using and building on their land immediately, without any face to face interaction. Many buyers have prefab cabins or materials delivered right to the lot. Many prefab cabins can be purchased on terms.

Buyers can meet their neighbors online, in their subdivision's own social network.

Without check writing or mail sending and receiving, all of the monthly payments and property taxes can be paid completely online and can be scheduled to pay automatically.

Without a visit to any office, buyers have complete control of their accounts at their own online loan management center.

Service is available 7 days a week, personalized, on the phone, email and chat. Online Land Sales is open every day with administrative staff and management, present and available.